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Welcome to is the worlds leading resource for firefighter health & wellness. As a member you will have access to information provided by firefighters, physical therapists, and strength and conditioning coach's who have first hand experience training those on the front line. is PROUD TO BE associated with the Firefighter Cancer Foundation. The Fire Fighter Cancer Foundation was established to provide international outreach, support, and resource assistance programs for fire fighters and family members that are stricken by cancer. The Foundation is creating state of the art programs for cancer education, awareness, and prevention to ensure the quality of life and retirement of fire fighters around the world.
The KB Swing: To Hinge or Squat is the question?
Its not secret that the KB swing is an incredible exercise to help prevent or rehab low back injuries. Unfortunately , many fitness professional are not providing proper instruction on how to perform it correctly. . . . keep reading
Triangle Circuits
Firefighting requires muscular endurance & power as well as aerobic conditioning but trying to accomplish this within a reasonable time frame can be challenging, especially while on duty. Triangle Circuits are a fast, effective, and safe type of training that allows the firefighter the ability to build a circuit while at the same time control the volume of exercise that is prescribed. I was first introduced to Triangle Circuits by Coach Robb Rogers and found them to be very beneficial for first responders. . . . keep reading
Tip of the week: Landmine Training
The Landmine is a ground-based rotational training device that works the entire body. It allows you to perform explosive 1- and 2-arm movements and other rotational exercises simply by inserting any Olympic-size bar. . . . keep reading
Testing, Training and the Fire/Rescue Athlete
Robb Rogers
Tactical athletes in fire/rescue can range from volunteer fire rescue personnel up to elite operators in Hazmat teams, full -- time fire personnel and command. Testing may or may not be a part of this culture. The higher the level of the individual or the team in terms of his/her expertise or the team they are a part of, the greater importance testing may take in the optimal readiness and efficiency of the individual. . . . keep reading
3 Core Moves for Stronger Abs
Supercharge your ab training with these 3 advanced core moves . . . keep reading
Resistance training for fat loss
Many people believe in the myth "if I do resistance training I will bulk up". Let's look at a few studies to test this theory. . . . keep reading
Firehouse Injury Prevention Strategies
John Hofman, CSCS, MS, spoke at the NSCA's 2013 TSAC Conference on preventing injury when providing firefighters with an in-house training program. In this hands-on presentation, John demonstrates exercises and prevention strategies. . . . keep reading
Breaking the Myths: Fact or Fiction
The internet is making it harder and harder to understand things. It is almost as if we have too much information at our finger tips, especially in regards to health and wellness. Everyone and anyone can become an "expert" in the fitness industry, and how do we know for sure what information they are providing is correct? . . . keep reading
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Here's what our members are saying ...
"Our fire academy cadets continue to reach new heights of physical fitness with the guidance of Coach John Hofman. The information he provides on diet, nutrition and stress reduction dovetail right into his sessions on strength and aerobic conditioning. The cadets are well prepared to have a long and healthy career due to the knowledge, strength and endurance they develop with the “Coach” and this enables them to save the lives and property of the citizens they protect."

Tennis Tollefson
Fire Technology Coordinator, Sierra College

"“Fit for Fire, Fit for Life”, is an apt description for the Sacramento Fire Department’s Health and Wellness program conducted by coach John Hofman. In 1990 I co-founded the program with Battalion Chief Don Hartwick. There were very few such programs in the United States at the time and we entered uncharted waters to provide the firefighters with an awareness of the need for and ability to attain health and fitness in the fire service. After conducting the program for 12 years I was ready to pass the torch to someone who would improve on the program foundation with new energy, ideas and services for the firefighter. I sat on the interview committee to select the person to accomplish this. We did, with great success and good fortune, in hiring Coach John Hofman. His professional expertise, energy, innovative nature and most importantly, concern for the firefighter has taken the program to a new and exciting level. The program is in excellent hands.”
Al Baeta,
Former Director of the Health and Fitness program, Sacramento Fire Department